World's Greatest Motorcycle Rides

Henry Cole dusts off the leathers and heads to Scandinavia to attempt a 4,000km journey through Norway, Sweden and Finland. Experiencing some of the best mountain riding on the planet in Norway, Henry is in his element. That is until he gets to the famous Trollstigen switchback road, where a combination of campervans and coaches sparks a famous Henry rant. A trip to Hell to meet Miss Universe 1990 also seems to offer Henry mixed messages. Once on Sweden’s beautiful roads though, calm is restored and Henry pushes on into Finland. Here he meets ex-rally driver Tommi Mäkinen and marvels at his incredible bike collection. Will torrential rain and fjord repetition boredom ruin Henry’s trip or will the spectacular scenery win him over? You can be sure Henry will be the first to let you know.


Afleveringen: 2


1 - Scandinavië - Deel 1


2 - Scandinavië - Deel 2




Henry Cole

Henry Cole

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